Why you should avoid bitcoin and Ethereum right now

When I first heard about bitcoin and the idea of cryptocurrencies, I was skeptical.

I was hoping to use them to buy groceries and buy cars, not to buy a house.

I could understand why someone would want to make the switch from a fiat currency like the US dollar to one with a stable exchange rate, but I still felt like I needed to get more out of them.

In the past year, the price of bitcoin has increased almost 400 percent, making it worth nearly $1,000 at one point.

That’s more than three times the price it was in mid-November.

And while some cryptocurrencies are more stable than others, the bitcoin community is still in the early stages of a major transition.

The problem with the digital currency community is that people are buying the wrong things.

If you’re in the business of selling goods or services, you should probably invest in some of the top-performing currencies.

If, on the other hand, you’re a consumer who wants to buy something new, it’s probably not worth it to invest in a cryptocurrency right now.

But if you’re buying a house or a car, you can probably just buy whatever’s available at the moment.

In that case, it can be a good time to consider bitcoin.

Here’s why.


It’s not an investment The most important thing to remember when you’re considering investing in a new digital currency is that cryptocurrencies aren’t investment vehicles.

While cryptocurrencies can be used for payment, they’re also used as a medium of exchange for goods and services.

While most cryptocurrencies are pegged to a particular currency, like the U.S. dollar, the currencies themselves are also available in other currencies like the Australian dollar or the Russian rouble.

That means the value of your digital currency won’t fluctuate as much as it would in an exchange market.

While a cryptocurrency’s value may fluctuate depending on how much the currency has changed, you’ll be able to track its movements by comparing the exchange rates it’s trading on an exchange and how it’s being used by merchants.

It also means you can see the market value of cryptocurrencies in real time.

For example, a few weeks ago, the value for a single bitcoin was around $1.65, while today it’s around $3,100.

That said, it makes sense to have a minimum of some level of confidence in the currencies prices before you invest.

If the price in one currency goes up dramatically and people are losing their savings in their digital wallets, it could hurt their savings.

That can happen if a currency’s value goes down significantly and you’re not able to use it as a payment option.


It has a finite supply If you want to get the most out of a digital currency, you want a minimum supply of them in your wallet.

For many cryptocurrencies, that means having a minimum number of coins in your account that you can spend at one time.

If that’s not possible, you might want to think about using a virtual currency like bitcoin.

A virtual currency is essentially an online store that stores digital coins that you purchase using a debit or credit card.

In order to use a virtual coin, you have to put it into a wallet, which is essentially a digital wallet that you use to store the coins.

A wallet is essentially like a bank account, except instead of having a bank tell you what your account balance is, you also have a central server that keeps track of all of the coins you’ve stored and can transfer them to others in your name.

It can be confusing at first, but if you follow the steps outlined above, you won’t have to worry about having to store your virtual coins on a bank’s servers.

For most users, that’s enough to get by.

But a few people might be more comfortable with using a cryptocurrency as a store of value.

A few cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Poloniex and Coinbase, will charge a small fee for transactions.

If those fees aren’t a big deal for you, you could potentially earn more money with a cryptocurrency exchange than you would with a wallet.


It doesn’t have any central authority The only people who control a cryptocurrency like bitcoin have been granted super-powers by the creator, the blockchain, or the miners.

Those powers come from the network, the computers that process transactions on the network.

But when a cryptocurrency has a decentralized system, like bitcoin, there are no central authorities who can control it.

In fact, there’s no central authority at all.

That is to say, no one is responsible for the bitcoin blockchain, which acts like a decentralized, distributed ledger of transactions.

But the blockchain is open source, meaning that anyone can check its integrity by looking at its code.

You can’t buy or sell bitcoins on the blockchain because that would violate its terms of service.

Instead, anyone can download the blockchain and then build a Bitcoin client.

This makes it easier for people to create decentralized systems.

The Bitcoin client is available for free on Mac and Linux

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