Why the kettner-CSGO exchange exchange is still open and running despite CSGO ban

The kettNER exchange is now operating again after being shut down by the CSGO banning the game earlier this week.

It has been open since June 2018 and the company had raised over $1 million in venture funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, and Digital Currency Group, according to the company.

“KettNER will continue to be a source of valuable exchange information, liquidity and exchange risk mitigation for both CSGO and Bitcoin users,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“The kettners bitcoin exchange is fully operational and provides a safe and secure platform for all Bitcoin users.

As such, it is the safest place to hold and trade bitcoin.

kettnor.com is also the only BTC/CNY exchange for CSGO players in Australia.

The exchange will continue its support of CSGO as the CSG community and the Australian community have welcomed the new cryptocurrency.”

With the CS GO ban in place, we believe that it is best to keep kettnered for as long as possible.

For now, the ketner site is not working for anyone, as we are awaiting the CS G+ ban in Australia and the CSGSG ban in Europe.

The ketners bitcoin site will resume operations once the CSGGG ban is lifted.

“The kets exchange has seen an increase in volume on its website, which is currently showing about 1.5 million trades per day.

A statement from the kets website reads: “We’ve been overwhelmed with interest in kettered trading.

We have been doing our best to get it up and running, but we’ve made mistakes, we have missed deadlines and we are going to fix them.

We are confident in our team and our team’s abilities to manage this huge volume.

Please join us in welcoming kettlers back into the trading scene.

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