Why farmers in New Hampshire are getting a bike exchange

A new exchange has opened in New England, allowing farmers and rural communities to exchange their old bicycles and parts.

The Vermont Cooperative Agricultural Exchange (VCAE) is an alliance of Vermont farmers, ranchers, and others interested in sharing their farm equipment and land with others.

The exchange is run by a local group of farmers, and the Vermont Department of Agriculture (VDDA) will administer the program, which offers a variety of benefits, including low-cost repairs and replacement, free bikes, and assistance with building and maintaining a bike rack.

But this isn’t just another bike exchange.

VCAE hopes to build a network of farmers and urbanites that can help farmers and city dwellers get the most out of their existing infrastructure.

As a local organization, VCAE is able to help connect communities with each other and to one another.

That’s what it means to be local.

That means a lot for a small community like the one where I live.

It means we can connect with people in other parts of Vermont, like Burlington, to get a feel for where we’re going, and how we can be better.

What’s different about VCAE compared to other bike exchanges is that it’s run by local, non-profit organizations, which means it doesn’t require government funding to operate.

In contrast, the Vermont Cooperative Agriculture Exchange (VAAE) has received more than $8 million from the Vermont Farm Bureau, Vermont Department

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