Which coin exchanges will open in Australia?

LONDON (Reuters) – Australian bitcoin exchanges are on track to open as early as next month, with one bitcoin exchange set to launch by the end of June.

Cybercurrency exchange CoinDesk has already said it will start trading by the middle of June, while Coinbase said it plans to open by the beginning of July.

The Australian exchange Bitstamp will start accepting bitcoin on July 25.

The exchange is in the midst of a $1 billion funding round, with co-founders Erik Voorhees and Scott Howard aiming to become the largest bitcoin exchange in the world by 2020.

CoinDesk said on Thursday that it had already received a pre-launch letter from CoinLab, a leading bitcoin trading platform, saying that it will begin trading on July 1.

The exchange said it was seeking a partner in the first phase of the expansion, and said it would use the pre-sale to raise a minimum of $250 million in a public offering.

In June, the first stage of the investment was completed and Bitstamps first coin exchange, the Bitcoin Cash, became a full-fledged bitcoin exchange.

CoinLab is also seeking to raise $1.8 billion in an public offering, and plans to use the public offering to raise an additional $150 million, according to a CoinDesk report.

The first bitcoin exchanges to launch in Australia are expected to open in the coming weeks, with more to follow in the weeks ahead.

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