When the outdoor gear exchange dies, it’ll be with us

Next BigFuture, an online platform for people looking to buy or sell the latest outdoor gear, will be shutting down.

The company, which lets people buy or buy from brands like Denim Exchange, Outdoors & Furniture Exchange, and The Outdoor Company, is being sold to eBay’s new owner, which has been rumored to be eBay’s former CEO, John Donahoe.

The announcement comes as Denim &amp.

Furniture and The Outer Company have also been acquired by eBay.

Denim exchange will no longer exist and will be decommissioned in 2019, the company announced on its website.

We wish them the very best.” “

We are grateful for the incredible support of our loyal and dedicated team members.

We wish them the very best.”

The site, which is now owned by eBay, was founded in 2014 by John and Joanne Buechner.

It currently lists products and brands from more than 300 brands.

The site was launched in February, and the Bueches said they bought the site to help people find products they can’t find online, such as in the case of outdoor equipment.

It was also founded to help customers buy and sell outdoor gear.

The website also offers a forum for people to share their experiences with online retailers.

Bueching told Next Big Futures that they are “so proud to have been a part of this incredible journey.”

“It was always a vision to make outdoor gear and gear that people want more accessible to the wider public,” Buechy said.

“It’s always been our dream to make it easy for people around the world to get in touch with and buy the products that they want and need.”

For years, Denim has also offered a platform for buying or selling outdoor gear through eBay’s marketplace, but that business was shuttered last year.

The Buechers said that they will continue operating the site.

“In the near future, we’ll continue to be a community and be open to people of all ages and backgrounds to come and browse the product catalog,” they said.

The Buecher’s website says that the site will be available for people who have no experience with the outdoors or the online marketplace, including first-time buyers.

The new eBay buyer is expected to be available in October.

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