When the market is cold, there are winners and losers in the Indian corn market

The price of corn is set to plunge in November as the market finds itself in a severe winter.

The price has been the worst performer in the world for the past four months.

But there are many people who think it’s all over.

“If you look at the markets, it’s almost like the markets are dead,” says Shruti Saini, the chief executive of the Indian National Stock Exchange.

“The market is going down.

I don’t think the markets will recover.”

The government has been trying to stem the fall by buying back stocks, but many farmers still have a lot of debt and it’s not clear that will help them recover.

There are also those who believe that the government will be able to continue to control the price of the commodity as long as it continues to buy it.

The government will have to do it because of its huge debt load, and that will be an issue in the longer term.

India is also facing a global economic slowdown.

It has a trade surplus of about $5.2 billion ($6.2bn) and imports of $5 billion.

But its economy is slowing.

That will put pressure on the country’s exports and that’s why farmers will be looking for cheaper crops, said Manish Dhar, a former minister of state for economic affairs.

The market was set to decline by $1.5 billion on November 5, but it rose to a record high of $4.9 billion on Friday, according to a Reuters report.

That’s an increase of 10.7 per cent, or $1,039 per share.

That compares with a fall of 4.5 per cent on the previous day.

On Wednesday, the rupee fell to the lowest level since January, hitting a record low against the dollar.

But traders have said that the rupees recovery will depend on the government’s response to the drought.

The markets have not shown signs of recovering yet.

On Thursday, the markets were down for three days in a row.

The markets have been in the red for more than a month now, but there was some hope that the fall in the price would bring the markets back to health.

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