When the dust settles on the 2017 NFL season, are there winners and losers?

I want to be clear that this is not an assessment of the performance of each team.

I’m only here to analyze the performances of each player and his team in 2017.

I don’t think the results are important in themselves, but I will point out that the 2016 and 2017 seasons were very good for the 49ers.

I know there are a few that think they could’ve been even better, but there’s no doubt that the 49er offense played at a high level and was the best in the league.

They finished the year with the No. 2 offense in the NFL and were No. 1 in total offense.

If we look at the top ten NFL offenses in terms of total offense, the 49s ranked No. 12.

If you compare those numbers to the NFL average, they’re about even.

The 2017 49ers offense was the top scoring offense in football, and they were the top rushing offense.

It was also the only team in the top 15 rushing defenses in the country.

If it wasn’t for Colin Kaepernick’s knee injury, the offensive line would have been No. 5 in the nation in terms to points per game.

And I’ll leave you with the fact that they were No, 4 in total yards allowed.

This season, Kaepernick is playing through the knee injury he sustained in the 2017 preseason, and the 49, along with a lot of other teams, are not able to put him on the field.

I’ve heard from many of you that if the 49 are able to have a good year, I think that the quarterback situation would be much better.

But the quarterback position is a major part of how a team builds a winning team.

In the NFL, you don’t have to be a quarterback to be good.

And there are plenty of teams in the playoffs that have a lot more talent than the 49.

That’s not to say that I think the 49 should have been better, it’s just that I don.t. believe the quarterback is a significant reason for a team to win.

In fact, I don`t think they are even the most important factor.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for that.

One reason for the loss of the offensive talent is that they had no experience playing the quarterback role in 2017, let alone having one of their top three quarterbacks.

If they can get Kaepernick healthy again, the offense should be better, and I don�t think it will take a major injury to change that.

However, the quarterback should still be a major reason for success.

For one, Kaepernick has the ability to run the ball and to throw the football.

He also has a high arm strength, and he has shown a knack for finding holes in defenses.

I think his passing ability is underrated.

And last, but not least, the defense was a big reason for their success.

It had a defense that was dominant, and had the talent to be great.

They ranked No, 8 in total defense and No. 7 in points allowed.

I have no doubt the 49 would’ve won a lot less games had they not had Kaepernick on the roster, but it also means they didn’t have a top-tier quarterback.

I also think the defense will improve.

The 49 finished the season with just five interceptions.

I believe that they should’ve had six interceptions.

And the 49 ranked No., 11 in sacks.

If this offense can keep the offense healthy, the defensive front will improve, as well.

If the 49 have a quarterback who can perform well, and a defense can stay in games, I see them being a dangerous team in 2018.

I expect the 49 to finish with a better record than last season.

They will be the top seed in the NFC West and will play a very good defense.

I would expect them to be favored to win the Super Bowl.

I hope that they can find a quarterback for the quarterback spot, and we will see if they are able.

I am very excited about the 2017 season, but if Colin Kaepernick is healthy, it should be a successful season for the San Francisco 49ers in 2017-18.

The San Francisco Chronicle has more on the 49: More from The Associated Press:

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