When Beauty Exchange Launches Its New App, It’ll Offer More Than Beauty Beauty

A beauty exchange app is set to launch next week that allows users to exchange their beauty products for other products, including haircare, makeup and skincare products.

The exchange app, which is called Beauty Exchange, will launch on Aug. 19, according to an Aug. 20 statement by Beauty Exchange co-founder and CEO Karyn McLean.

Beauty Exchange has previously offered an exchange program called Beauty Shop, which allows users who have exchanged products for others to get the same items back.

The new Beauty Exchange app will offer more than beauty products, McLean said in a statement.

“Beauty Exchange is a smart exchange program that allows people to buy or sell products from a variety of beauty brands, including the best brands, and exchange those products for one another,” she said.

The beauty exchange service is being launched by Beauty Shop.

Beauty Shop launched in October 2016, and McLean, a co-author of the book “The Beauty Queen’s Handbook,” is the company’s CEO.

The Beauty Exchange program will launch with Beauty Shop products and be available in the next few weeks, Mclean said.

“It will be easy for people to discover the beauty brands that they love, and the brands that will help them live a healthy lifestyle,” she added.

The service will allow users to buy products from more than one brand at once, McLeod said.

Beauty exchange programs have been popular among people looking to shop and exchange beauty products between friends, and it’s also become a popular way to get deals from beauty retailers.

In 2016, beauty products were traded in over $10 billion.

In 2017, it was worth $1.4 billion, according, to a research firm.

“We’re looking forward to being able to offer a way to make a small investment and have the flexibility to sell or buy at any time,” McLean added.

Beauty products are also sold through online retailers like BeautyBliss.com and BeautyGuru.com.

The app will be available on iOS and Android, McElhenney said.

In addition to selling beauty products through the app, Beauty Exchange will also be able to sell items to people in the U.S. and Canada.

BeautyExchange will allow people to trade their products for cash at a 10 percent discount.

The price will be based on the value of the product, McGlone said.

If a customer wants to exchange a product for cash, they will have to pay $10 for the exchange.

Beauty Exchanges is also planning to offer more ways for people with allergies to exchange products, which are not currently included in Beauty Exchange.

“There is a very high demand for allergy exchange programs and they are one of the biggest revenue streams for Beauty Exchange,” McGlonesaid.

“However, we’re very excited about the launch of Beauty Exchange as it gives us a way for people who have allergies to be able trade their beauty product with someone who does.”

The BeautyExchanges app will allow BeautyExchanged people to shop for products and buy other products from brands they love.

“The beauty exchange marketplace has become a huge part of the beauty industry, with people trading for beauty products from different brands, but with Beauty Exchange it’s a new way for consumers to get access to the same products they love,” McElhanesaid.

McGlannonesaid BeautyExexchange has had success with its Beauty Exchange service in the past.

The company has had more than 500,000 people sign up for BeautyExcus.com, and more than $100 million in purchases were made through the BeautyExcess service, according.

“Our goal is to become the go-to place for people looking for a fun, fun way to buy beauty products,” McLeansaid said.

For more about Beauty Exchange and beauty exchange services, visit BeautyEx.com/news.

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