What’s the biggest challenge for the Australian football community this season?

Posted November 29, 2018 09:16:24It’s a difficult one.

For a football team that’s a fixture at the top of the international rankings, this is a season when it’s going to be all about the footy, and the national teams are going to want to take their lumps in the run-up to the final.

Australia is a great sport.

It has a rich history and tradition and a proud history of producing elite athletes, but at the same time it has its fair share of problems, which is why a lot of Australians still don’t quite get the whole Australian national team.

The challenge for Australia is to get back on track in the early stages of the tournament.

There are a lot more questions than answers at this stage, but with a number of major events around the world, and a lot to play for, Australia is in good hands.

For the moment, we’re in uncharted waters with a young, hungry, and hungry-for-it squad.

But the big challenge for this squad is to stay calm and go about our business.

Australia are looking to beat Italy and the Netherlands in the group stage.

They will face France and the United States, which are also in the Group of Death, and it will be a tough group to beat.

Italy and the USA are the only teams who have beaten Australia so far.

They both had their upsets, both had great wins against other teams, and both were able to win their respective matches.

So, to be honest, Australia are in a very good position.

They will be fighting for the last 16, and will also be battling to beat Russia, who are a much tougher opponent than Australia, in the final in November.

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