What to expect as the peso falls: Why Mexico’s peso is plunging

By Mike GrollThe peso has been on a tear lately.

In late August, the pesos fell from an all-time high of US$2.731 to around US$1.99, or about 2.5% in some cases.

The peso fell by a further 4% in early September, hitting a new record low of US6.89.

But, according to data from the U.S. Central Bank, the country is now about to plunge even further.

According to the data, the Mexican peso will fall to about US$5.19 in October.

The last time Mexico’s currency fell to that level was in May, when it fell by 2.8%.

This is the most dramatic fall in the pesó since the early 1990s, when the pesoin was around US1.50.

The country has also experienced the worst economic recession in the world since 1996, and the economy has contracted by an average of 10% a year since the turn of the century.

As the economy falters, the government is trying to push Mexico into an even more desperate position by cutting spending.

And with Mexico’s economy now struggling with a severe fiscal deficit, a reduction in government spending will have a severe impact on the country’s already shrinking tax base.

And it will likely hurt the pesco more than the bolivar, which is why it is expected to fall even further before November.

The pesado fell in early October after a government meeting in Mexico City to try to resolve a trade dispute with Venezuela, a country that has the world’s largest reserves of the pesado.

The two countries agreed to cut their exchange rates to prevent a collapse of their economies.

This caused a trade war, with Venezuela threatening to halt trade with Mexico if the exchange rate is not raised.

Mexico was forced to cut its exchange rates and its economy is now suffering from a crippling trade deficit.

But it’s not all bad news.

The government is also seeking to raise the minimum wage from 6.25 pesos to 7 pesos, and it will be the first country to do so in a year.

As of this writing, the minimum wages have not yet been raised in Mexico.

However, it’s expected that they will be raised in October, and this could cause a huge shift in the economy.

It could also cause a contraction in the national currency.

If the minimum pay rises, Mexico’s trade deficit with Venezuela will soar, and that could further hurt the economy and cause further inflation, which could also affect prices.

This is why the government has decided to cut the exchange rates.

If the government cuts its exchange rate, it will mean that it has already lost money.

So, the decision to cut is a terrible decision, and could actually hurt the country.

According to the Reuters news agency, the president of Mexico’s Central Bank has already said that if the government does not raise the exchange ratio by 1% by the end of the month, it is already in trouble.

The only way to fix this is to cut interest rates, which means that if interest rates rise by 0.5%, that will be enough to drive inflation to the point where it will kill Mexico’s recovery.

But with Mexico having been in this situation before, the question is whether it will ever be able to get out of this situation, as the country will soon find out.

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