Trump tweets $200M tax refund on Ivanka Trump’s $1M salary

The President has been tweeting about his tax refund, and it’s now up to the people of his district to decide how to spend it.

The President’s Twitter account has now tweeted a message of gratitude to Ivanka Trump, and she’s thanked the President for sending the money, saying, “I am honored to be the recipient of the President’s tax refund.

Thanks to all my loyal and generous supporters.


It’s unclear exactly what the President is sending out, and Ivanka Trump said she has yet to receive a check, and added that she is “just thankful.”

We asked Ivanka Trump about her tax refund when she appeared on the Today Show today.

“I don’t know.

We’ll see,” she said.

“It’s nice that he’s giving it to me.”

It has been a while since the President has made a tweet about his own tax return.

Earlier this year, he tweeted that he was “thrilled” to see Ivanka Trump receiving the money from him, adding that he will donate the money to charity.

It’s a great example of how President Trump works to ensure the American people have a say in the way his tax return is handled.

In 2016, the President had a big win when he was able to block a tax bill that would have increased the tax on income earned by the wealthiest Americans.

“Thank you President Trump!

I am pleased to announce that the President passed on an amendment to the tax bill, which would have raised taxes on millions of Americans,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said.

Trump’s tax returns are also important to the Democrats, as the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has long been one of the most vocal opponents of the tax cuts that Trump is proposing.

Democrats have said they will try to use the tax return issue to force Republicans to support a plan that would lower tax rates for the middle class.

They’ve also pointed out that if they could use the return issue as a leverage point against the President, it would be.

“The President is in the midst of a desperate effort to secure $200 million in additional tax breaks for the wealthiest of Americans.

It is not clear how he will pay for it, but he has offered a number of proposals for how he could provide tax breaks,” House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a statement last month.

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