The story of a new exchange in Greece’s economy

Posted October 03, 2019 06:51:58An exchange between Greece and the Eurozone is set to take place in Greece, as part of the latest phase of the country’s debt crisis.

The Greek government announced on Friday that the exchange, due to be announced in March, will take place on the island of Karpathos.

The plan is to bring a number of services from the Greek economy to the eurozone.

The new Greek exchange will be based in Karpatos, located in the Aegean Sea, and will have the capacity to trade goods and services between Greece, Cyprus and Italy.

In a statement, the Greek government said: “We are announcing the establishment of a European exchange of services to be based on the new Greek agreement.”

The agreement is the result of talks between the two countries in July 2018 and has not yet been signed.

The government says the exchange will provide more opportunities for the Greek people, who have been struggling to survive under a Greek government in which unemployment stands at 20 per cent.

The island of Chios has already had a number-one exchange for a long time.

It has the largest number of foreign direct investment in the European Union, according to Eurostat.

It is expected that the new exchange will help Greek companies to trade across the continent, with a new trading hub expected to be built on the islands of Chio and Chios.

It will also be a major boost for the economy, said Alexis Kondratis, chief economist at PWC International.

“It is a big deal for the people of Chiolos and Karpatheos, but for the rest of the Greek islands, it will be good for the whole economy,” he said.

The Karpattos exchange will not be the first one, but it is the first time that a major exchange has been set up on the Aeges.

In October 2018, Greek Prime Minister Nikos Anastasiades and Greek Cypriot President Nicos Anouk signed an agreement to establish an exchange for the first of two Greek-Cypriot banking institutions, the Bank of Cyprus.

This year, the government of the Republic of Cyprus, the country in which Cyprus is located, announced that it was planning to establish a European bank.

The first bank in the EU was set up in January.

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