The Grand Exchange, Sodastream Exchange, and other alt-media platforms that are now under scrutiny

Breitbart News is reporting that some alt-right sites are now being shut down or taken down, with some citing threats of violence from alt-righters.

Breitbart News reports: The site is being shuttered after a recent attack on its owner, Nathan Damigo, who was shot at a mall in South Carolina.

The site was shut down earlier this week because of an alleged threat from a member of the AltRight, a group of right-wing online communities that often operate under the guise of being free speech sites.

The threat was reported on the alt-left-leaning site Daily Kos, which has been the target of several violent attacks.

On Sunday, Breitbart News reported that the Daily Kos site was also shut down for violating its terms of service.

Damigo posted a photo of himself with a knife and a hatchet as he attempted to take down the Daily Kos logo.

Damago’s attorney told The Daily Caller that his client was merely trying to show solidarity with his community and that the website had no legal authority to shut down his client’s website.

Breitbart reports: After the DailyKos was shuttered on Sunday, Damigo told TheDC that his lawyer was not happy with the decision.

Damese said he planned to continue posting his content on the site, but would also continue to make new content.

Damgate’s post, in which he called on the Dailykos website to shut its doors, has since been deleted.

The Daily Kos is still up and running, but its staff has been told to be extra vigilant in responding to the threats that have been made against their business.

Breitbart reported: In another recent incident, a member from the group called in a bomb threat against a Jewish family at their home.

The family received the threatening call, which was met with a barrage of hate speech from members of the altright, who called the threat a “fucking bomb.”

The threat of violence was subsequently reported to law enforcement.

In the wake of the Damigo attack, alt-conservative media personality Alex Jones said on Twitter that the alt right “needs to go to jail” and suggested that the news outlet was under surveillance.

Breitbart is reporting: On Friday, Breitbart reported that another alt-Right site, the Daily Stormer, had been shut down due to threats from its members.

The outlet, which bills itself as a “right-wing news and information website,” has been targeted by far-right extremists in the past.

A recent attack by a group calling itself “The Resistance” on its home page, as well as a video allegedly showing a woman screaming in an elevator, drew national attention.

The video, posted to YouTube, was removed by the video service and removed the same day as the DailyStormer website was shutdown.

In addition to these attacks, alt right media personalities have been targeted for threats against their lives.

On Monday, a Twitter account for alt-lite conspiracy theorist Alex Jones called for the murder of a journalist who criticized him, according to The Daily Beast.

Jones is the founder of the online talk show InfoWars, which often takes a pro-Trump stance.

On Twitter, Jones said that the murder “should happen in a public place, or on television.”

He then wrote: “We need to make sure that the killer of this journalist is caught.

Otherwise, he will get away with it.”

On Tuesday, Jones’ personal Twitter account was taken down after the tweet was shared more than 700 times.

“If you want to kill the man in front of you, shoot him in the head, you’re a bad guy, you need to shoot him,” Jones said in a video posted on the show’s Facebook page.

In January, a video uploaded to YouTube of Jones calling for the assassination of the journalist Michael Hastings, a former journalist for the Hastings family, drew more than 1.6 million views.

The attack prompted Hastings to resign from his job at NBC News, but Hastings is now a well-known commentator on the subject of government surveillance and the war on terror.

Jones has also made numerous claims that the government is attempting to destroy him by infiltrating his show, InfoWars.

In one of the video’s earlier segments, Jones called out the Federal Communications Commission and its efforts to shut the site down, and said that it was the government’s job to protect the American people.

In a tweet, Jones wrote that he was not interested in “saying who is the bad guy.”

He continued: I do not want to be an American citizen, I do want to make a difference.

And the reason is this: I have the power.

And you need the power to make the difference.

Jones tweeted in July that he had not been contacted by the FBI since the day of the attack on Hastings, saying that his information came from his Twitter account.

In August, Jones tweeted that he did not know if the FBI was actively monitoring his account

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