When the Navy says “We’re done,” we can expect to see an exchange of marine corps information in a few months, as the Navy rolls out the next phase of its COVID-19 crisis response strategy

It’s time to talk about the end of the COVID crisis in the U.S. Navy.The Navy has been at war with COVID for nearly a year now.It has not deployed to combat zones in Syria and Iraq.It is the only U.A.E. country with combat capability in the Gulf of Aden.But for the first time in […]

Why it’s important to have your own navy

4FourTwo’s Mark Scott has some thoughts on the changing face of naval vessels in the future.1:55 Mark Scott discusses the changing role of ships in the world and the future of sea transportation.2:22 We have a ship that can carry 200 tons of cargo, he says, but it’s not a submarine, he said.It’s not the […]

NYT to add $250M in NY Fed ETF fund

The New York Times is to add at least $250 million to its portfolio of global equity ETFs, with a focus on emerging markets and emerging markets emerging economies, as part of a new effort to support its broader effort to attract investors into its broad portfolio.The $250-million fund will be made available to institutional […]

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