When to avoid a false claim of ‘fake news’

The BBC is facing criticism after falsely claiming that the BBC News website was “fake news”.The organisation published a story on Wednesday that appeared to show a BBC News site with the headline: “Fake News, Fake News, fake news” with the following headline: BBC News: ‘Fake News’ BBC News headlines are intended to make readers […]

What you need to know about Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin ETF and mutual fund companies will begin trading on Tuesday after a protracted court battle.The SEC said on Thursday that the ETFs would begin trading at a rate of 4 cents to the dollar on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).The ETFs will have the same price-to-value ratio as gold and silver, but will have […]

How to Make the Case for the Return of the Old Economy

“The old economy is not the future.The old economy will never be the future.”—John Maynard Keynes, “Economic Theory and the New Economy” article It’s hard to argue with the assertion.The economy has become stagnant and inefficient, but its growth is actually falling.This stagnation and the economy’s diminishing return to the state of the art were […]

Why Orlando Shooting Victims Could Get Their Guns Back

From the beginning of the Orlando massacre, one person had a lot to say about the tragedy.That person was the Orlando Sentinel’s editorial director, Chris Rolfe.In an exclusive interview, Rolfenews reporter Josh Riggs sat down with the editor to discuss the scope of his work, the state of the media and why he’s glad the […]

How to build a crypto exchange for bx exchange bank

The bx bank is a new project by a company called bxexchange.com.The exchange was launched on March 17th.This is the official launch of the company.It has two major advantages: first, it’s a new blockchain, so it will be able to provide a fully-featured exchange.Second, it will make the bx exchanges available in the country of […]

How to buy and sell solar modules, solar panels, solar energy products, solar power generators, solar equipment and more in a decentralized marketplace

Posted February 08, 2019 11:05:00I am excited to announce the launch of a new platform called Avalon Exchange.This is the first decentralized exchange for the Solar Power Industry.Avalon Exchange allows you to buy solar modules and solar power products in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.You can buy from our global platform to sell in […]

The story of a new exchange in Greece’s economy

Posted October 03, 2019 06:51:58An exchange between Greece and the Eurozone is set to take place in Greece, as part of the latest phase of the country’s debt crisis.The Greek government announced on Friday that the exchange, due to be announced in March, will take place on the island of Karpathos.The plan is to bring […]

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