How to buy Irish stock, or not to buy it?

In some respects, the Irish stock market is quite healthy, with the average price of the 10-year Irish equities index rising from 3.76p in March to 4.42p in July, a decline of 0.4pc.But that is the exception rather than the rule.Ireland’s stock market has been hit by a spate of sell-offs.On March 4, the Dow […]

How does the 1031 exchange work?

Posted October 11, 2018 07:18:15 This is the new rules that are coming into effect for the exchange in New Zealand.The exchange is a joint venture between Tenmars, which owns the land in which it operates, and the Landcorp Limited, which is an arm of the Crown Estate.In 2018, the LandCorp Limited will also be […]

What to know about the Nasdaq exchange rules

NATIONAL BANKS ASSETS The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has amended its exchange rules for 2019 to allow more ETFs to be traded. The new rules were put in place to prevent stock exchanges from artificially inflating prices, according to a report by Bloomberg. Under the old rules, ETFs could trade on the NYSE and Nasdaq as […]

How the Bitcoin Exchange Trade Platforms Rule Out Bitcoin ETFs

If you’re interested in Bitcoin, you’ve probably seen ETFs.These investments, often based on the price of bitcoin itself, are typically traded on exchanges that operate by providing a market for investors to buy and sell shares.While these ETFs are generally a good idea, it’s not something we’ve seen in the Bitcoin space.The ETFs themselves, however, […]

How to get the best out of your new hockey season

You might not be able to watch hockey in your own home, but you can watch a lot of it online.Here are 10 tips to help keep the puck rolling on your next NHL season.1.Play your favorite game of the day2.Watch NHL live3.Get in shape for the playoffs4.Watch a hockey game with your family or […]

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