Why you need to pay for your HHA, and why you should: It’s a topic I’ve covered here before, but here’s a primer on the basics.

The idea of a social exchange is to give one another something that benefits both parties.The idea has been around for hundreds of years, but in the past few years, it has been gaining traction as a new way to share wealth.According to a 2015 study from the University of California, Berkeley, the average American […]

What you need to know about Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin ETF and mutual fund companies will begin trading on Tuesday after a protracted court battle.The SEC said on Thursday that the ETFs would begin trading at a rate of 4 cents to the dollar on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).The ETFs will have the same price-to-value ratio as gold and silver, but will have […]

How to get a free copy of the AAFes app

AAFES app is available for iOS and Android users to get access to their favourite newspapers.The app, which allows you to see the latest news from the major Australian newspapers, is available in Australia and New Zealand.AAFs app is also available to read on the go in the US and the UK.You can read a […]

Which currency pairs should you hold and when?

A lot of people buy and sell currencies in London, and the exchange rate is often the biggest factor.But the real estate market has also changed significantly over the past five years, which has made it harder for people to find a comfortable exchange rate to hold.Listed below are the most popular London currencies and […]

When the Navy says “We’re done,” we can expect to see an exchange of marine corps information in a few months, as the Navy rolls out the next phase of its COVID-19 crisis response strategy

It’s time to talk about the end of the COVID crisis in the U.S. Navy.The Navy has been at war with COVID for nearly a year now.It has not deployed to combat zones in Syria and Iraq.It is the only U.A.E. country with combat capability in the Gulf of Aden.But for the first time in […]

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