New Zealand’s whisky exchange: Why we want to share your experiences

New Zealand has launched a new whisky exchange where enthusiasts can share and trade their favourite whisky experiences.

The Kiwi whisky exchange aims to bring a similar spirit of collaboration to the whisky market, allowing users to trade and share their favourite experiences. 

“New Zealanders are known for their passionate and passionate interest in the industry, so we felt it was important to bring this together with a more tangible, tangible experience for them to be able to share and exchange experiences with each other,” whisky enthusiast Ben MacLean, who runs the whisky marketplace whisky exchange.

“This is a great opportunity for NZ whisky enthusiasts to engage with each others whisky experiences, and to share the knowledge and experience that we have together.”

Mr MacLean says the whisky exchanges aim to give NZ whisky lovers access to whisky experiences that are often overlooked.

“We want to give people a place to exchange experiences, to exchange whisky knowledge and information, and we want the whisky industry to have a place for people to share their whisky experience with each another,” he said.

New Zealand’s Whisky Exchange aims to provide a platform for whisky enthusiasts and whisky enthusiasts alike.

Mr Maclean says the exchanges will be similar to the New Zealand Liquor Exchange, which was launched in the UK and Ireland.

There are currently five whisky exchanges operating across the country, including one in Auckland and one in Hamilton.

“The whisky exchange is something that I am really passionate about, and I am passionate about bringing it to New Zealand,” Mr MacLean said.

“I believe it is a place that we can have a great whisky exchange and also a great community.”

It is something I think everyone should be able and we should all be proud of.

“Whisky exchangeNZ’s whisky exchanges will operate from June 1st to September 1st.”

Our whisky exchanges have been around for a long time, so it is quite natural for us to want to make sure that we provide a place where whisky enthusiasts can exchange their favourite whiskies,” Mr MacDonald said.

New Zealand whisky exchange launch and launch partiesThe whisky exchanges plan to hold a launch party in Auckland on June 15, and a launch and party in Hamilton on June 21.

The launch parties will be held at a new venue in the city.

They will include an opportunity to trade whisky samples, meet other whisky enthusiasts, and meet people from the whisky trade.”

There will also be an opportunity for people who are looking to start their own whisky exchange to get together to chat, meet people, and exchange whisky experiences,” Mr Langley said.

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