Meet the ‘Armani Exchange’ – an online business that sells luxury jewellery for women and men in exchange for diamonds and gems

Now Playing: Is your car a gem?

It’s a bit like this one, according to this new research Now Playing ‘It’s like an internet meme’: This is how the new meme was born Now Playing Trump has a new plan for climate change, but the country needs you now more than ever Now Playing Here’s what to know about the Trump administration’s tax plan Now Playing The new year brings a new crop of celebrity sightings, from the ‘Hannah Montana’ star to the ‘Mad Men’ creator Now Playing Are you a celebrity or a ‘normal’ American?

Now Playing A New Year’s resolution: Go to a friend’s house in a single day Now Playing Is it okay to get up at 4am to get a massage?

Now That’s a New Year, which is all the more reason to keep doing what you love!

Now Playing Donald Trump: I am NOT a ‘presidential’ president, says his ex-wife Now Playing What is ‘dying of old age’?

And what to do if you are living with dementia?

Now All this in one handy infographic Now Playing Who is the real President Trump?

Now It’s 2017!

It’s time to find out!

Now It looks like the US is finally getting its act together!

Now, it’s time for a new batch of ‘Big Little Lies.’

Now Playing It’s been a year, and we still don’t know what happened to Donald Trump’s ex-wives Now Playing How to get married for free, or at a fraction of the cost Now Playing Why is it so important to avoid the sun this time of year?

Now Now Playing This is what it looks like when your husband is diagnosed with cancer Now Playing You might not be able to go to work today if you’re on a family plan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go out with friends Now Playing In a world where we are learning more about breast cancer, how you treat it will help save lives Now Playing Meet the next president of the United States: Trump’s daughter Ivanka Now Playing President Trump’s first child has a lot of shoes to fill Now Playing Now that the 2017 calendar has officially begun, it is time to start planning your New Year.

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