How to save the internet

A post from the American Conservative discusses how to save what’s left of the internet from what could become an internet-related disaster.

The post comes from a post from Ben Smith, who was one of the people who helped organize the exchange.

This post was written by Ben Smith on August 23, 2018 at 4:51 pm EDT.

The internet was designed to allow people to share and learn, but that didn’t mean that it was a free and open forum.

And that’s exactly what the Internet Archive, which is part of the United States government, wants to change.

The internet has long had a reputation for being a hostile place.

In fact, many people feel it has a reputation as a hostile space for free speech.

That’s why we’ve spent years trying to get government to protect the internet and to stop ISPs from blocking and slowing it down.

This week, we released a plan that’s designed to protect internet users, and we’re working with a group of companies and advocacy groups to get it enacted.

This is a huge opportunity to get the internet back.

It’s not about saving it.

It doesn’t matter what technology is used to make the internet, the core purpose of the Internet is to be a forum for sharing and learning.

That doesn’t mean the internet is a hostile environment, but it does mean that when people share information online, they have a chance to engage with each other and build stronger connections to the wider world.

To protect the future of the online world, we need a new system that will protect and empower people to express their ideas and opinions.

This will include the government’s authority to regulate the internet.

There are a number of ways that we can do this.

One is to regulate providers of content on the internet like Google and Facebook.

But the biggest threat to the internet isn’t ISPs.

It isn’t even Google and Zuckerberg.

It is the government.

If we’re going to be serious about making the internet a great place for sharing ideas and learning, then we need to stop letting them do this to us.

Another way is to build new legal protections that will give us some sort of legal authority over the internet to regulate it.

And we’ve already heard that the internet could be used to criminalize speech, like a subpoena that could force people to give up their email addresses.

That might not be an ideal solution.

But we also need to do more to protect those who are trying to share ideas online.

And the best way to do that is to have the FCC and Congress act.

In 2016, we worked with a bipartisan group of senators to craft legislation that would create a Title II authority for the FCC to regulate internet providers.

We’ve been working on that for years, and it’s finally time for the public to see it for what it is: a backdoor attack on the Internet that will lead to more and more government control over the Internet.

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This article originally appeared on The American View.

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