How to get a FREE My Clinical Exchange Card from your doctor!

It is important to note that a referral to a clinical exchange is only available to physicians that are currently enrolled in a clinical practice.

It is not available to doctors who have completed their primary care practice and have not yet enrolled in the clinical practice or are currently on the waiting list.

The referral can be made by contacting your doctor at your primary care physician’s office or by calling 1-888-843-2527.

This referral will be used to find a clinical office for the appointment.

Please note that referral referrals must be approved by your primary medical provider prior to your referral to be accepted.

In order to be eligible for a referral, the referral must meet certain criteria.

These criteria include: The referral is for a primary care appointment and is made in writing, is signed and dated, and includes a copy of the referral card.

The appointment must be scheduled for the following appointment period: A minimum of 30 days after your initial referral, and no more than 30 days from the date of your first referral, in order to qualify for the referral.

The date of the appointment must also be confirmed by your physician.

This will allow you to review the criteria, including the availability of clinical practice, as well as the availability and fee structure of the clinical office.

Your referral will only be used for a specific primary care treatment, unless the physician or health care provider has indicated that the referral may be used in a primary or specialty care setting.

If you are an individual, the patient can also submit the referral request through your doctor.

If your physician does not have an appointment, you can submit a referral request to the local community health center.

Please be sure to include your primary physician’s name and address on the request.

The local health center can accept the referral and pay the cost.

The healthcare provider can also use the referral to help cover other fees and services for the patient.

If the referral is accepted, the healthcare provider will pay the referral fee plus a $50 referral fee.

The cost of the clinic visit will be included in your referral fee and you will be responsible for any other costs associated with your appointment.

The clinical exchange card will be mailed within 48 hours of the initial referral.

This card will contain your primary health care practitioner’s name, contact information, and an image of the card, which can be printed on the back of the envelope.

If a referral is received, the clinical exchange will be valid for 12 months.

This is the maximum period a patient can receive a clinical examination.

Your physician will review your referral, including any additional fees, and decide whether to accept the card or not.

If accepted, your referral will expire at the end of that 12-month period.

However, if you are unable to receive a referral after the 12-months period has elapsed, you will have a 2-year waiting period.

The card can be used only once for a single primary care visit.

The maximum amount that can be paid in this way is $20.

The patient must submit a copy or electronic copy of their referral card and must complete the application online at the clinic.

If it is rejected, your physician will notify you by mail.

Please allow for 2-4 weeks for the medical records to be reviewed by the medical center and returned to you.

Please refer to the My Clinical Exchanges section of the website to learn more about the clinical exchanges.

Your medical provider may ask you for additional information or to discuss your case further.

You can find the details about My Clinical Centers by visiting their website at

You must provide your name, phone number, email address, and address to receive the My Medical Exchange Card.

Your clinical exchange can be returned to your physician within 1 month of the date the card was issued.

If no referral is returned within that period, the card will expire.

If that date passes without any additional requests for a clinical exam, your card will no longer be valid and will be removed from your record.

If additional documentation is required to complete the clinical examination, you must submit that documentation at the same time you receive the card.

In addition, you may be required to submit a medical history at the clinical exam.

This includes a detailed medical history that is signed by your doctor or health provider and includes information about your current medications and any previous treatment plans.

If required, your healthcare provider may require you to submit additional documentation, including a written medical history, prior to the clinical interview.

If this is required, you cannot receive a Clinical Exchange card.

You may submit a written and signed request for a written exam.

The written request must be sent to the nearest MCE clinic and include your name and contact information.

The request must include a copy and electronic copy, along with your doctor’s name.

You will be required by your medical provider to complete an electronic medical history of your health condition and your physician’s notes

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