How to buy the new LEGO set that has a real metal exchange

With the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO set, the London Metal Exchange has been one of the first to be offering it.

The exchange will open at 3am local time (3pm GMT) on Monday, January 11.

The first exchange will be the original set, which includes a lot of LEGO pieces that include the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, X-Wing, Bespin TIE Bomber and many others.

The other two sets will be released at the end of January, with the original release coming on January 18.

The LEGO set has been a huge hit in London, with around 1,500 sets selling out in just a couple of hours.

The LEGO sets come with everything from a set of the Millennium Bridge, to a new model of the Bespins TIE fighter.

There are also many pieces of LEGO which were never released before, and the first two sets of the TIE Fighters have been on sale since November of last year.

But this new set, and others like it, are a big step forward for the London exchange, as they are the first set of LEGO to offer real metal trades, rather than just plastic.

Metal trades are essentially trade in pieces of metal, usually in bulk.

These are typically sold in smaller quantities to different countries.

For example, in Australia there are several metal markets, but you only need to travel there once, or buy a single piece of metal.

This is a big change for the metal exchange in London because, until now, there has been little or no official exchange of the Star Wars set.

The UK is the only country in the world where LEGO has not officially announced that it is bringing real metal to the UK.

In the new set released last month, the Millennium set comes with some pretty impressive metal, such as the Millennium bridge and the Millennium fighter. 

There are a lot more sets coming soon to the LEGO store in the UK, including the Star Destroyer, the first-ever LEGO set to feature the Millennium Force.

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