Aussie bitcoin exchange wants to take over Australia’s ‘camera exchange’

The Bitcoin Exchange is launching an exchange in Australia, according to a report from

The exchange, which is called Coinify, has been in development since 2016, with a goal of opening its doors in 2018.

The company hopes to provide a platform for users to buy and sell bitcoins and ether, two cryptocurrency alternatives.

Coinify is targeting a launch in 2018, with an emphasis on “an all-inclusive exchange for Australians”.

The company says it aims to create an “all-inclusivity” exchange that will “provide a level playing field for Australian businesses and consumers”.

“We have a unique approach to how we operate, and we want to ensure that we offer an inclusive, fair and efficient marketplace for Australian residents and businesses,” Coinify CEO Andrew Broughton said in a statement.

“We are excited to be launching our exchange in 2018.”

The exchange is targeting an launch in 2019.

Coinified CEO Andrew Broughton says it wants to provide an “exclusivity and fairness” exchange.

The team has already secured investment from prominent Australian venture capitalists including BT Capital, the Australian Venture Capital Association, Citi Ventures and KKR.

The launch is the latest step in Coinify’s expansion to the Australian market.

Coinifying launched in 2016, but is currently based in Sydney.

The firm currently lists on the exchange exchange as “Brentford” in the US and “Dublin” in Canada.

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