A post-election poll says Australians don’t want Abbott to resign

A post election poll has found Australians are not willing to give the embattled prime minister his job back, despite a number of polls showing him ahead of the Federal Opposition.

The Newspoll found 47 per cent of respondents said they would be “strongly against” the government resigning, while 45 per cent were “stronger” against it.

While this may suggest support for the Prime Minister has dropped, it does not mean the majority of Australians are ready to give him a chance to resign.

As the survey found, 51 per cent agreed that the “Prime Minister should stay in his job”, while 41 per cent disagreed.

It is also not clear how much support the Coalition has for Abbott’s bid to resign, with 43 per cent saying they would “strongen their opposition to a resignation”, while only 22 per cent would “support a resignation”.

While the Prime Ministers support for his bid to be removed is low, he has been accused of “betraying” the country.

With the poll, it is not clear if the Prime Minster would need to be in Parliament to be a “strong leader” as opposed to the Prime minister being able to speak to the nation on the phone.

On the other hand, the poll found the Prime Leader was “more popular than the Prime, as well as the Opposition leader”.

“As the PMs popularity is high, he is seen as more effective in a leadership role,” the poll stated.

A number of other polls conducted over the last 24 hours have also found that Australians were unsure if the Government would be able to win a second term, with an Ipsos-Reid poll finding that 56 per cent “dislike” the Government winning another term, while 49 per cent support it.

“Australians are divided over whether the Government will have a second mandate in the coming year,” the Ipsos report read.

“When it comes to whether the Coalition will be able get its way in Parliament, the majority (54 per cent) are opposed to it.”

While there has been much focus on the possibility of a “soft landing” for the Coalition in the Senate, it seems the Prime is looking to avoid a hard landing for himself, with 51 per percent saying he “should be allowed to do whatever he likes as Prime Minister” in the next term, against 45 per the opposition leader.

What do you think about the poll?

Tell us in the comments below.


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