Which crypto exchange to buy and sell?

If you’re looking for a crypto exchange that’s willing to take your money in the event that something goes wrong, it might be worth a look.According to a new report from CoinDesk, the AAFes Exchange is one of the most reputable, and best, cryptocurrency exchanges out there, and it’s been providing investors with their very […]

Which exchange is best for investors looking to trade Bitcoin and other cryptoassets today?

Coinbase, the popular Bitcoin wallet, said Tuesday that it has received approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to begin trading Bitcoin futures and options in the U,S.and other trading platforms. “We are pleased to announce we have been approved by the SEC to provide Bitcoin futures on certain markets today,” said Coinbase CEO Brian […]

MTV Unfiltered: What happens when MTV cuts all the clips?

The internet is a crazy place, and the idea of a YouTube-free version of MTV UnFiltered is just that: a wild idea.MTV Unfilm is a one-hour documentary series, in which host Steve Harvey and producers Chris Hinton and Eric Cressey take viewers behind the scenes of the world’s most popular entertainment network.We spoke with Harvey […]

New deal for aafeekos exchange in Sri Lanka

New deal with the Aafes Exchange for an exchange of Aafeeks, the daily paper said on Saturday.The daily newspaper, which is owned by the AAFEES group, said it had agreed a three-year contract with the paper to exchange the paper for the paper’s currency.“We have agreed a five-year deal with Aafees exchange, which will enable […]

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